Harry S Truman Elementary


Who is the PTO?

  1. The PTO is your link between Staff of Harry S Truman and the parents, grandparents and other legal guardian of the students. 
  2. We are the fund raising arm of the school for special school projects and activities.
  3. We support and encourage the Staff at Harry S Truman.
  4. We are a forum for parents, grandparents and legal guardians’ comments, concerns, opinions and ideas to benefit Harry S Truman.
  5. We Coordinate Volunteers for the school and PTO activities.
  6. We bring home and school in closer relationship for the benefit of the student, home and the school.
  7. We include every willing participant, and help integrate new students and families into community life of the school.

When are the Meetings?

We are trying something new this year with our PTO meetings. We are all so busy during the week with activities that we would like to hold our first meeting on Sunday August 27 at 7pm. We will take a vote at that time to see if this day works for everyone! We hope to see you there and cannot wait to hear everyone’s feedback!

How do I to get involved?

Attached is a list of PTO Events / Fundraisers.  Please fill out the last page if interested in helping in any way, and plan on attending our monthly PTO meeting.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Kassidy Cartright, President 417-499-6265 

Stephanie Gannaway, Vice President 417-438-0944.

Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook (Harry S Truman PTO Webb City School)

for more information and updates on events.

Explanation of PTO Events / Fundraisers

(Please keep this sheet for future reference)

PTO is a great way to get involved in your child’s education and be more informed of the activities of the school.  If you want to get involved with our school, this is a great place to start!

Below is a list that explains various events / fundraisers.  If you have any questions, please contact:

Kassidy Cartright, President 417-499-6265 or Stephanie Gannaway, Vice President 417-438-0944.

Book Fair:  More information will be sent home soon.  Volunteers: Needed to operate cash register and help with set up and take down of books.

Carnival:  This is our biggest fundraiser of the year.  The date has not yet been set but is usually the Thursday before Spring break.  There will be carnival games, food, drawings for gift baskets and an auction.  All proceeds will be used to purchase various items to be used in our school.  Volunteers: Help needed in many areas. Volunteers needed to gather donations for silent auction, bake/purchase cakes and desserts for cake walk, gift basket donations, set up the night prior to event and help with concessions and auction the night of the event. We will set up a Carnival committee in September for those who are willing to help!

End of School Picnic:  This is the last week of school and is a celebration for the students.  It is a track and field day and the PTO provides lunch. Volunteers:  We need help running outdoor games and serving lunch.

Fireworks Night: The annual end of school Fireworks Celebration is a treat to the kids for all of their hard work throughout the school year and to celebrate the end of state testing.  This event is FREE to all Truman students.  This is a great family night that has jump houses, carnival games, food trucks, local vendors, and ends with an awesome firework spectacular. Volunteers: Many are needed to help with set up, man concession area and assist with clean up. We will have a committee for this event. Sign ups will be in March. 

Teacher Appreciation: For a week in May we try to spoil our teachers.  We provide meals and special prizes, gifts, and anything else we can come up with.  Volunteers:  We need help with providing snacks, donating items for the teacher’s drawing and possibly putting together special gifts for the teachers.

Parent/Teacher Conferences:  During the evening conferences we provide meals so the teachers are able to eat in between meetings.  Volunteers:  We need people to make desserts and other snack items for the teachers.

Grandparents Day:  Refreshments and pictures with grandparents are provided. Volunteers: Needed to help serve refreshments and take pictures of the kids with their grandparents.  

Box Tops:  Clip Box Tops from hundreds of your favorite products and Send box top to your child’s teacher.  The teacher’s receive money to help in their classroom. Volunteers: All parents are asked to help clip box tops and send with their student and a volunteer needed to help supervise the process. 

Classroom Parties: Parents are welcome to attend the Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day Parties in the classroom. Volunteers: Parents assist in providing items for the party. The Classroom Representative organizes the games and snacks.

Harry S Truman Elementary


Student’s Name: ____________________________________________

Parent’s Name: _____________________________________________

Name of classroom teacher: ____________________ Email: _____________________________

Phone Number(s): Home_______________________ Cell: ______________________________

Would you be willing to receive text messaging: YES or NO

(Please circle one)

Please indicate below any and all areas in which you would be willing to help:


_____ Copier Volunteer

--Use school copier, during school hours, to make copies for the teachers.  Please indicate day(s) / time(s) available to help ______________________________________________


_____ Classroom Representative (Need at least one rep per class)

  • Must be able to attend Volunteer Committee Meetings (usually held immediately after PTO meetings)
  • Serves as organizer of volunteers from the class he/she represents

_____ Officer/Committee 

  • If you are willing to help as a PTO Officer or Committee please let us know.

PARTIES:  All Parents are invited to help with class parties. 

Halloween:   _____send Items _____attend

Christmas: _____send items _____attend

Valentine’s Day:  _____send items _____attend


Fund raising Committee:

_____Book Fair


_____End of School Celebration

Yearbook/Newsletter Committee:

_____Take Pictures at Events

Community Relations Committee:

_____Serve Refreshments

** Please give us any feedback you may have! You can place additional comments below!