Harry S Truman Elementary
Cardinal MUSCLE

Men Using Support, Compassion, & Love to Encourage

****put something about shirt being free  hoodie is 20.00****

Cardinal MUSCLE is an exciting opportunity for the men of our community and for the students of Harry S Truman Elementary.  It is the primary goal and vision of the program to provide opportunities for our children to feel the impact of a positive male influence in their lives.   One of the most important roles of Cardinal MUSCLE is to provide great male role-models to greet our students at the door each and every morning.  We need greeters at the front door (North Entrance) and cafeteria door from 7:30-8:00.   To get started is simple!  Please indicate your preferred days and times of volunteerism.  Attached is a background check form that we require all volunteers to fill out.  You need to complete a background check each year.   After completing it, you can send it back with your child or turn it into the office. You will be contacted once your background check has cleared.  On your first day, please stop in at the office to pick up your MUSCLE t-shirt.  This will serve as your identification to students and staff that you are Men Using Support, Compassion, and Love to Encourage.  If you have served as a Cardinal MUSCLE before, you will not need to get a different/new shirt.  

Also, if you are volunteering in other areas at HST, you will only need to fill out one background check for the school year. Please fill out ALL boxes!!!!!!  

If you are interested, please contact:

Russell Ball, School Counselor  673-6085

Please circle the time and location that works best for you.  Also, please let me know if you would like to serve when you are available.

Door Greeter--The first positive interaction of the school day:

                           7:30-8:00 (or as long as you can stay!)

Location: Front Door (North Entrance) Cafeteria Door

Availability: Monday Tuesday Wednesday       Thursday       Friday

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